If you take multiple medications everyday you know that it can be difficult to ensure that you are taking them correctly. Not only is it difficult to remember, but it can seem like a full time job to separate them into weekly pill boxes or go through each individual bottle. Take a look at each style and see which is a good fit for you!

EZ Pouch Packaging

Our pouch packaging is a great solution for anyone taking multiple medications at several times throughout the day. With our Fastpak EXP machine, we are able to customize each patient's medications to fit his or her schedule. 

Key Benefits:

  • Medications are grouped by time of day given

  • No need for a pill box

  • Fully customizable

  • Each pouch is labeled with the day and time to give each medication

  • Easy to take on the go

  • Checked by a Pharmacist


omnicell pic.jpg

Suremed by Omnicell makes it easy and stress-free to take your medications as prescribed. All of your medications are put in a blister card by our pharmacist for 7 days at a time based on the time of day you take your medications. 

Key Benefits:

  • Pre-sorted and packaged by dose and time of day

  • Shows at-a-glance whether medications were taken

  • Easy-to-follow system helps eliminate missed and double doses

  • Convenient alternative to filling weekly pill boxes

  • Delivered routinely on a bi-weekly or monthly basis

  • Checked by a Pharmacist